A little something about Depression

Depression is a common condition that can happen to anyone. The Blackdog institute reports that as many as 1 in every 16 Australians may be affected by depression each year.

Depression is not feeling sad or down as part of your normal mood fluctuations and normal emotional response to the everyday challenges of life. It is absolutely appropriate to feel sad or blue in response to some of the things life throws at us, however sometime we label these transient periods as ‘depression’. These reactions to day to day experiences generally fade away and we return to our baseline emotional state, but sometimes we feel numb or in a darkness we can’t get out of, that may be depression.

Depression is a period of low mood (may be irritable mood in adolescents and children) or a marked loss of interest or pleasure that lasts at least 2 weeks. This may be accompanied by a cluster of other symptoms that may include changes in appetite, significant weight loss or gain, changes in your sleep pattern, marked and visible increase or decrease in physical activity related to thoughts e.g. slow to react to stimuli or visible leg shaking. Excessive fatigue or tiredness almost every day, feelings of worthlessness, trouble thinking or recurring thoughts of death.

So, if for the last 2 weeks or more you have found yourself-

  • Feeling
    • Exhausted
    • Guilty
    • Hopeless
    • Helpless
    • Angry
  • Thinking
    • ‘it’s all to hard’
    • ‘I’m such a failure’
    • There is no way to solve my problems’
  • Having changes in
    • Alcohol consumption
    • Drug use
    • Appetite or weight
    • Concentration and problem-solving skills, or
    • Motivation

It may be time to talk to some-one.

And always remember-

It’s Never Weak To Speak.

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